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Why RTL?

React Testing Library: The Modern Way to Test React Components

General Usage

How to use React Testing Library Tutorial - RWieruch

Testing Library · Simple and complete testing utilities that encourage good testing practices

12 recipes for testing React applications using Testing Library

How to use React Testing Library to rewrite an Enzyme Component test

9 React Testing Library Tips and Tricks

Simulate Browser Events in React with React Testing Library

Modern React testing, part 3: Jest and React Testing Library

Can I manually trigger a state change when testing using react-testing-library?

Common mistakes with React Testing Library


How to Test Asynchronous Methods with React Testing Library


Jest .fn() and .spyOn() spy/stub/mock assertion reference · Code with Hugo

How To Mock Fetch in Jest

Mocking Context with React Testing Library

Projects that use react-testing-library



Code Examples


Testing with Firebase


Mock implementation of firebase auth methods after mocking the firebase module

Testing with Formik

Testing Formik forms with react-testing-library | Techzaion Blog

new act warning since update · Issue #535 · testing-library/react-testing-library

react testing library with formik & yup validation not erroring as expected · Issue #224 · testing-library/react-testing-library

Testing with Apollo

Testing React components


How to test from react-router with RTL (React Test Library) and JEST


Fix the “not wrapped in act(…)” warning

Custom Render

Setup · Testing Library

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